• Beard Oil

    What Does Beard Oil Do? Understanding The Importance of Beard Oil

    How important is Beard Oil? If you haven’t used it before, you might be questioning its effectiveness. What makes it different from other beard products, and what does it do to your beard? Keep reading to find out. Beards have been growing in popularity around the world for many years. In 2014 The New York …

  • Patchy Beard

    How To Fix a Patchy Beard

    If you’ve finally decided to change your style and let your beard grow, you may be disappointed in seeing it go not quite as expected. Many men dream of a full, luscious beard but end up with a patchy bush that struggles to cover the sides of their face. Although much of it has got …

  • how to use beard oil

    Quick Guide: How To Apply Beard Oil

    For most people, beard oil is a lifesaver. It helps to moisturise and hydrate facial hair, while also keeping your beard hair soft. Men sometimes don’t realise that beard oil also helps to moisturise the skin underneath your beard, helping your facial hair growth. Here’s a quick image tutorial to show you how to use …

  • beard balm or beard oil

    The Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm Explained

    Beard balm or beard oil? What is the difference between the two? Should I use both oil and balm together? This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked at BeardMajor. It is a question asked by everyone from new beardsmen all the way to experienced beardsmen. Most men with beards use both …

  • grey beards

    Grey Beards: The Unique & Practical Guide

    Many men dread it. Others style it. Grey beards are sometimes an inevitable part of your grooming journey. So how does it happen? And what can you do about it? In this unique guide to grey beards, we look at the causes, what experts say about it and how to style it to suit your …

  • how often should i trim my beard

    How Often Should I Trim My Beard? Beard FAQs Answered – No. 2

    Trimming is an important part of maintaining a healthy beard. Believe it or not, there are best practices even with beard trimming. You need to make sure you are using the right tools and approach. In this article, we will answer another frequently asked question about beard maintenance. I’ll also recommend some tools and beard …

  • Beard balm or butter

    Should I Use Beard Balm or Butter? Beard FAQs Answered – No. 1

    Beard care and grooming products can be quite confusing at times. There are so many products out there and so much information. How do you tell the difference between the products? Which beard products should you use? and how often? In our series, we will answer frequently asked questions about beard products and give you …

  • how to maintain a beard

    How To Maintain a Beard – Useful Tips For a Healthy Beard

    Having a good-looking, stylish and well-groomed beard is what a lot of men aspire to possess. However, not every man is genetically or naturally blessed to grow one. You might have a patchy beard that can’t fill out or even a beard that refuses to grow. Regardless of this, your beard maintenance depends on your …

  • how often to use beard oil

    Beard Oils & How Often To Use Them For Major Gains

    Heard any beard oil myths lately? There are so many of them around. One we hear often is about how often to use beard oil. As someone who has been growing a beard for my whole life, I tend to consider myself somewhat of an expert. In this article, I will provide some guidance on …

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