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Beard Oil

BeardMajor Beard Oil contains our unique blend of essential oils with vitamin E to soften your beard and keep it hydrated while moisturising the skin underneath. Our carefully formulated beard oil is non-greasy, light, 100% natural and made with the finest natural ingredients which enhances beard growth and makes your facial hair feel and smell amazing. BeardMajor Beard Oil is proudly made in the UK.

Beard Oil Explained

Some of the most frequently asked questions about beard oils are answered below. We often get asked, what is beard oil? or what does it do and how often should I use beard oil? Find the answers below

What Is The Purpose of Beard Oil?

Beard Oil, in some cases is the equivalent of having a conditioner, moisturiser, and growth agent in one bottle. Most men do not realise it, but as you wash your beard, you slowly start to strip away the natural oils in your hair that keep it shiny and hydrated. The purpose of beard oil is to help you restore those oils you lose as you wash your beard. But it goes further than that. Keep reading to find out more.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

At its core, beard oil is a product that is created to moisturise and hydrate facial hair and the skin underneath. When applied to facial hair, it helps to tame beard hair, make it softer, flake-free and easier to style. Most beard oils are formulated using two essential ingredients:

  • Carrier oils like Grapeseed oil or Jojoba oil which make up more than half of the formulation
  • Essential oils like sweet almond oil which give it the desired scent

Some beard oils like our very own Citrus Spicy Blend Oil contains avocado oil which is known to nourish the skin underneath thebeard and create a favourable environment for healthy beard growth.

Why Use Beard Oil?

There are two main reasons why men should be using beard oil.

  1. Beard Oil Moisturises Your Facial Hair and The Skin Underneath – Gone are the days when you leave your house with a dry, flaky beard. Most beard oil contain emolients, conditioning agents and antioxidants which does a great deal to soften beard hair, keep it hydrated and moisturise the skin underneath. Why is this important? It is extremely important because for most men, hair growth is promoted by androgens such as testosterone, which makes hair coarse, thick and hard to work with. Over time, without much moisture, beard hair starts to get dry and brittle. This in turn causes the beard hair to seek moisture from the skin, which is also left dry. This is not an ideal situation for hair growth. Using a beard oil, you can reverse this and keep both skin and hair hydrated and ready to style.
  2. Beard Oil Makes Your Beard Easier To Style – As we mentioned above, oils for beards helps to keep your beard hair softer. It also prevents itching and dryness. This puts your beard hair in a much more manageable condition, ready for styling quickly and easily. Beard oil is often used with a beard balm, which acts as a leave-in conditioner. Using the oil together with a balm makes styling all the more easier. Find out more about the difference between beard oil and beard balm.

When Should I Apply Beard Oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is first thing in the morning right after washing your face or getting a shower. Experts recommend this because they suggest your hair follicles and pores are open and absord the oil much easier. Using beard oil everyday should be part of your daily routine and it is a great way to maintain your beard.

How Do I Use Beard Oil?

Wondering how to use beard oil? There are a few different ways of using and applying beard oil which depend on the length and style of your beard. However, in general, the simple rule is:

  1. Apply two to three drops of beard oil into your palms
  2. Rub the oil into your palms and through your fingers
  3. Massage the oil into your beard, starting from the sides and working your way to the front of your face, and down, underneath to the skin beneath your facial hair.

If you have a much longer beard, you can apply about 5 – 7 drops of beard oil to accommodate for the length. Longer beards may require using other beard grooming tools like a brush or a beard comb. Double-sided beard combs are best because they help you brush through your beard, remove tangles, while also keeping your moustache in check.

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